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management services

Our service provider model has set the industry standard in many areas such as safety and supervision, staff recruitment, training and management, programming, cultural integration, compliance and more. We best accommodate you by offering á la carte management services. You simply choose what is right for you. 

New Program Development

Management, Operations, & Compliance

Staffing Services

Marketing & Student Recruitment

Administration & Customer Relations

Research & Development

Reporting & Analysis

“We are always mindful of your program brand identity and are comfortable providing our services in a behind the scenes manner.”  – Steve Robertson, CEO, Julian Krinsky Program Development & Management 

our team

You can count on our management team and professional staff to focus on the details while you do what you do best whether that’s managing conference services, developing curricula, focusing on academics, or imparting knowledge.

Our team consists of talented professionals with education and experience in the fields of program development, logistics, operations, sales, marketing and financial management. Each applies their expertise to your project and work collaboratively with you. Our personal approach, energy, enthusiasm and thought go into each project.

24/7  Our on- and off-campus management teams are responsive and ready to take action around the clock.