development & management

Choosing to work with a service provider is an important decision. Over the years, our partners have told us they feel an immeasurable sense of support while working with us.

New Program Development

Rethink what additional programming could do for you, your company or organization. We are committed to continually developing and refining the concept of innovative experiences. We welcome new program ideas that are consistent with that goal. We are able to either assist in, consult on or completely manage new program development from inception to launch.

Staffing Services

As a company, we hire over 500 summer staff members internationally and from all over the United States annually. We have the capabilities to recruit and hire residential advisors and leadership team members who have experience working with young people and display a true passion for mentoring youth.

Our staff go through a thorough interview process, full background check and comprehensive reference checks before being placed as a staff member in any of our partner programs. Compliance with local, state and federal laws, our insurance company requirements and university protocols is paramount. Additionally, we are a visa issuing agency, giving us the ability to source high quality international staff.

We design and implement comprehensive staff training programs for all staff. These programs are completely customized to equip staff with the skills necessary to succeed in their roles. Training does not only begin on the first day of orientation. Instead, we share customized material with staff from the interview, to the onboarding process throughout the year, all the way up to the day they arrive.

Our directors align, support, trust and enable their teams to perform the work they were hired to do. Staff members are equipped with the tools to successfully do their job.

We regularly evaluate staff members and create an environment that promotes open dialogue with supervisors who coach them through the experience of working with youth. Open and honest feedback is a core component of our successful formula of managing effective teams.

Management, Operations, & Compliance

We have the experience, infrastructure, capabilities and expertise in place to deliver logistics with a personal touch. Throughout the year, we offer reliable and secure support services to ensure programs run efficiently, successfully and safely throughout the summer months. From arrival day programming and transportation to reserving housing, booking meals and managing medical needs, every detail is anticipated and accounted for.

Our emphasis on safety and detail-oriented supervision enables us to care for students from the moment they arrive until their departure. Safety is always our number one priority.

The residential staff will be trained on health care protocols and will be prepared to accompany participants to the doctor or hospital. We can also assist with hiring nurses, sports trainers, physical therapists or other medical staff as needed.  

We are experts at organizing and implementing comprehensive check-in and check-out procedures for each arrival and departure. We have years of experience in working with universities and the various on-campus departments needed to make these transitions efficient.

A well-designed, comprehensive orientation ensures that everyone settles into their new surroundings quickly and comfortably. Due to the diverse and international composition of our program participants, we design our orientations to integrate students from various backgrounds, cultures, races, language groups and religions within moments of their arrival.  

Depending on the age of the students, the program environment, and the location of any trips, supervision can vary to meet the demands of a particular situation. We plan supervision protocols accordingly. We are also equipped to handle student discipline and the associated parent communication as needed.

We are fully equipped to manage both on- and off-campus activities each evening as well as a full menu of weekend options. We have expertise in the creative design of programming and trips that will align with academic or course scheduling. Regardless of the venue, we are equipped to manage student supervision closely, ensuring that students are accounted for, safe and creating lifelong connections as they experience all that the surrounding area has to offer. We are experts in planning, organizing and executing successful weekend trips for large groups.  

If handling payroll for part time summer staff is a chore, we can help. From document collection and storage to background checks and fingerprinting to full service payroll processing, we have the resources to manage a wide variety of compensation profiles.

We know compliance can come from many angles. We are well versed in university, state, federal and NCAA compliance.

Marketing & Student Recruitment

As online technologies and social media further expand, our websites, networks, online campaigns and analytic capabilities are evolving to remain ahead of the curve. We’re continuously developing our tactical expertise to enhance your online and offline presence with creative campaigns that communicate with your customers in the ways they prefer. Our strength in project management ensures your brand, vision and mission are maintained across all initiatives.

Administration & Customer Relations

Operating worldwide, our external sales agents work directly with prospective families to match their kids with the right program. Our senior partners travel extensively throughout Europe, Asia, South America and the United States each year to sales events, fairs and schools.

We also have a dedicated administration department who works diligently on all details of the application and admission process. From building online applications to managing incoming application materials to collecting all the necessary student forms, our administration team works hard to ensure all documentation is accurate while providing an exceptional customer experience.

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Research & Development

From small focus groups to extensive broad-based surveys, we study what is happening in the marketplace and what your customers want. We participate in an ongoing conversation with your customer base to keep you informed of their needs, how well you are meeting those needs, and future opportunities. By continuously monitoring the attitudes, interests and aspirations of young people, we help you create innovative programming they will love.

Reporting & Analysis

Our over 40 years of experience has shown that you have to measure performance to improve it. Consequently, we work with you to articulate measurable goals and related metrics for your programs. Then, we go beyond the data to give you actionable analyses so you can make informed decisions concerning future years and related programming opportunities.